12 Great Gift Ideas For Secret Santa

On the twelfth day of Christmas my work colleague gave to me... a month's worth of unlimited karaoke! Secret Santa is great fun but can be surprisingly stressful: what exactly does one get crazy cat lady Sharon from HR? And what about the mother-in-law that you've always suspected secretly hates you – how do you get her something for under a tenner that she won't find naff and immediately throw in the bin? Well fear not Christmas grinches, Lucky Voice is here to save the day! Check out these 12 great gift ideas for the family or office secret Santa...

1) How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You – £7.19


Well this will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons with Sharon from HR! (Pun absolutely intended and helping to prove the point that cats are secretly maniacal serial killers). The hilarious New York Times Bestseller from Matthew Inman, creator of theoatmeal.com, is a fun selection of quirky comics, facts and stories that are sure to paw at the funny bones of cat lovers and haters alike.


2) A Lucky Voice Online Karaoke Subscription – £6.99/month

Lucky Voice

Give the gift of song this Christmas! Any music lover will be overjoyed to receive a month's subscription to Lucky Voice's online karaoke service, as it turns an iOS device or PC in to a mobile songstation with access to over 9000 contemporary and classic karaoke anthems (including many a Crimbo playlist). An office/family rendition of Jingle Bells is sure to be one to remember, and you can even enjoy a free 14-day trial of the service before you're charged a penny to see if it's a good fit. 


3) Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Mug – £9.99


While you may have no idea who Thanos is, chances are your moody teenage son/nephew/intern does and is more than a touch obsessed! This infinity gauntlet mug from Marvel's box-office-shattering Avengers franchise is sure to be a hit (pun less intended this time around, though cats are still evil) with any comic book fan.


4) Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs – £5.99


Unicorns and bath bombs are so in right now – poo, not so much – so it was inevitable that someone would eventually combine the two. These colourful bath bombs smell of raspberry and transform any bathwater in to a "Mystical marbled melting pot of chilled out pastel colours".


5) Luxury Belgian Chocolate Collection – £16

Belgian Chocolates Secret Santa

If in doubt, you can't go far wrong buying half a Kilo of luxury Belgian chocolate! This M&S range of tasty goodness is guaranteed to put a smile on your mother-in-law's face, or your boss's face, or your own face come to think of it – basically, chocolate is a universal language of awesome. 


6) Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree – £7.99

Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Secret Santa Gift Idea

A fab pressie for anyone with green fingers, these grow your own kits come with all the tools and instructions you'll need to nurture three distinct species of Bonsai tree: Silver Birch, Red Maple and Mountain Pine. 


7) Chocolate Sprouts – £9.99

Chocolate Sprouts Secret Santa gift guide

A cheeky gift for gran and her obsession with having Brussel Sprouts at Christmas Dinner, this punnet of white Belgian chocolate are a lot tastier than they look! (Let's be honest, a Brussel Sprout is the answer to the question 'What if someone managed to put the full taste of a cabbage in a bite sized parcel?').


8) Chew Quacker Rubber Duck – £9.99

Chew Quaker Rubber Duck Secret Santa

We love a good pun, and Chew Quacker is an absolute Christmas quacker! This is a brilliant present for any Star Wars fan, instantly adding a touch of the force to bath time. 


9) Port Decanter And Sipping Glasses Kit – £19.99

Secret Santa Gift Guide Port Glasses and Decanter

Port and Christmas go together like Monopoly and family arguments, and this decanter and glasses set will help its recipient squeeze each drop of flavour out of every bottle. The decanter aerates the port, adding more complex tasting notes to the profile of any bottle, and the glass straws helps appreciation of the entire bouquet, directing liquid to the taste buds at the back of the mouth which are the most suited to relish port's particular flavour.  


10) Gin & Tonic Lip Balm – £5.95

Gin & Tonic Secret Santa Gift Guide

The alcohol theme continues – hiccup – with this gin and tonic lip balm that's a fabulous present for any ginfatuated (we told you we love puns) members of the office or family. One to consider for mothers/mother-in-laws – it's called mother's ruin for a reason! 


11) Tea Rex Tea Towel – £12.99

Tea Rex Tea Towel

It's a tea rex, in a top hat, drinking a cup of tea. If that doesn't appeal, you're probably dead inside!


12) Bumper Retro Sweets Selection Box – £10.95

Hamper of retro sweet secret Santa gift ideas

If your childhood didn't involve filling-inducing amount of Refreshers, Drumsticks and Double Dips, did you even have a childhood at all? This is a wonderful gift for anyone with a sweet tooth who'd enjoy taking their tastebuds for a trip down memory lane – remember when the highlight of your week was a dib dab on the front of The Beano? Simpler times!


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