6 Songs From 1991 You've Definitely Forgotten

We recently posted an article titled, "6 Songs From 1995 You've Definitely Forgotten" and a few people commented on our Facebook page saying that the list was far too easy. "Darn it", we thought, "We completely underestimated the music knowledge of a karaoke lover!" So we asked our reader Samantha to name a year and we'd accept the challenge of finding 6 songs we reckon she'll definitely have forgotten. Here we go!

1. Emotions - Mariah Carey

We already know Mariah Carey has an impressive vocal range, but the world knew for definite after the 1991 MTV Awards. Mariah performed Emotions and managed to hit a G#7 at the end of her performance. In other words, it's one of the highest notes ever produced by a human voice. Sheesh. She's got us feelin' emotions...

2. Love To Hate You - Erasure

Who remembers this disco inspired song? In 1991, it reached number 4 in the UK charts and was one of the duo's most successful tracks. It was so well received, Spanish and Italian versions of the song were also released!

3. The One And Only - Chesney Hawkes

If you've forgotten the film, Buddy's Song, this track may jog your memory of it. Starring Chesney Hawkes as Buddy, and Roger Daltrey (lead singer of The Who) as his father, it shows Buddy's journey in becoming a pop star. Though the song was number one in the UK charts for five weeks, his commercial success was short-lived and his follow-up singles didn't do quite as well. Despite this, Duncan Bannatyne is supposedly a fan and had once requested Chesney Hawkes to perform at his birthday party!

4. Something Got Me Started - Simply Red

This song will take you straight back to the early 90s. Originally released in 1991 with Simply Red's album, Stars - the track was released again in 2005 for the band's comeback album, Simplified. Though the band split in 2010, the group has since reformed for their 30th anniversary reunion Tour in 2014 and "25 Years of Stars Live" tour in 2016. 

5. Julian Lennon - Saltwater

Saltwater was written to raise awareness about the effects of global warming and its impact on the planet. Lennon would later go on to create The White Feather Foundation to help distribute clean water to all corners of the world and further draw attention to impending environmental issues. George Harrison was originally meant to play the guitar solo, but had to pull out last minute to console Eric Clapton on the death of his son. Harrison recorded a few guitar riffs and sent Lennon samples for the track instead. 

6. I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd

This was the debut single from Color Me Badd and its release reached number 1 in the UK, US and New Zealand. Despite its success, the song title and contents offended listeners so radio stations had to refer to the song as "I Wanna Love You Up". Jimmy Fallon and his barbershop quartet, "Ragtime Gals" also recorded a cover of the song in 2013.

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