6 Songs From 1995 You've Definitely Forgotten

There's nothing quite like a 90s throwback. Whether 1995 was your birth year or the year you were tearing up the dance floor with your moves, we dug up 6 songs from the karaoke archives we reckon you've definitely forgotten since then. If you fancy singing along, here's a link for 2 weeks of free karaoke!

1. Exhale - Whitney Houston

Ever wondered where the "shoop shoop" part of the song came from? The songwriter Babyface apparently only included it as he couldn't think of anything else! If only it was this easy for us to write a Grammy award winning song... Babyface also originally planned to call the track "The Shoop Shoop Song" but as Betty Everett had already recorded a song with the same name, Babyface put the "Shoop Shoop" in brackets instead. 

2. Earth Song - Michael Jackson

We can do the zombie dance to Thriller, know all the lyrics to Man in the Mirror and turn up the sass to Bad but we might forget to add this song to a typical MJ playlist. However, Earth Song was Michael's biggest hit in the UK as it sold a whopping 1 million copies over  a total of 3 million sold worldwide! And also, did you know that the track was first performed on a German gameshow called 'Wanna Bet?' in November 1995? You do now!

3. Army of Me - Björk

Think you can hear a bit of Led Zeppelin in the song? Don't worry, your ears aren't playing tricks on you - the song actually features a sample of the drum line from "When the Levee Breaks"! This song was written about Björk's brother willing him to "stand up and regain control of his life".  The critics loved it and so do we!

4. Father and Son - Boyzone

If this doesn't give you some serious 90s nostalgia, we don't know what will. Originally a song from Cat Stevens, this was famously covered by Boyzone and reached platinum status after selling over 875,000 copies in the UK making it the 6th most popular boy band single in the 90s! Which version do you prefer?

5. Some Might Say - Oasis

You thought we were going to put Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova on this list, didn't you? It's crazy to think that these timeless classics were also released this year! Some Might Say was the song that really introduced the world to Oasis. It was the band's first number one single, the first song that Noel Gallagher wrote when he moved from Manchester to London and the catalyst behind the infamous rivalry behind Blur and Oasis. 12 years later, we're still enjoying it just as much.

6. No More I Love You's - Annie Lennox

This was the song that led to being the first award given to a British artist at the Grammy Awards. Originally written by The Lover Speaks, Annie Lennox revived the track with her own take and took home the award for the "Best Female Vocal Performance" at the 38th Grammy Awards. Annie also wrote about this music video in her blog, stating that the music video depicts human behaviour and the different kinds of masks worn to cover up "hidden agendas and existences, especially with regard to sexuality versus romantic love." 

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