6 Songs From 1997 You've Definitely Forgotten

The 90s championed a decade of timeless tunes, denim cut-offs and karaoke classics - but it also produced some lesser-known hits that would've otherwise been left in the 90s if it wasn't for this post. Here are 6 songs from 1997 we reckon you would've definitely forgotten if it wasn't for us. Whilst you're here, treat yourself to a free 14 day trial to our Online Karaoke system. With over 8,000 songs to sing, it'll take you another decade to go through them all!

1. Butterfly - Mariah Carey

This was written by Mariah during her separation with her then husband Tommy with the hopes that he would sing the lyrics back to her. Alas, the couple never got back together and the heartfelt words remained to be sung by Mariah's voice only.

2. Flaming Pie - Paul McCartney

Flaming Pie is a track that appears on Paul McCartney's eponymous 10th album. Speaking of the inspiration behind it, Paul recalls a story John Lennon used to entertain journalists with: 
"I had a vision that a man came unto us on a flaming pie, and he said, 'You are Beatles with an A.' And so we were." And voila! The album and song name was born.

3. Too Much - Spice Girls

Ok, dedicated fans may remember this one but we wanted an excuse to relive this tune. Too Much was the first song performed in Spice World - the band had sung this in Top of the Pops to a venue full of fans, photographers and journalists. Ahh, those were the days!

4. Shed Your Skin - Indigo Girls

Amy Ray of Indigo Girls wrote this track explaining her desire of experimenting with a style of music that wasn't already present with the band's existing tracks. "I just wrote that about evolution and growth in a person. Just, break free. It was also to dissolve myself stylistically into another realm of music that I really like: rock and punk, Patti Smith, and all these artists that are not in the Indigo Girls world. I wanted to experiment with that stuff. That was one of the first songs that was written that way." We like it!

5. Baby Girl Window - Robbie Williams

Robbie was dating actress Sophie at the time and wrote this song in dedication to Richard Beckinsale who had died of a heart attack aged 31. She is also the half-sister of Kate Beckinsale.

6. You're Still The One - Shania Twain

If you notice a slightly different 'twaing' with this song, good listening skills! The single release for "You're Still The One" was remixed to appeal to a pop audience rather than just the country folks. It definitely worked as it became a Top 10 hit in UK and the States and swiped a number 1 in Australia.

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