6 Songs From 2003 You've Definitely Forgotten

At the risk of sounding prehistoric (let's be real, we're still 21 at heart), we can't believe it's been 15 years since these songs have graced our ears. We've scoured the internet to try and find 6 songs from 2003 we reckon you've definitely forgotten. These aren't even on our karaoke catalogue! 

1. Why Can't I - Liz Phair

If you're a big romcom fan, you may recognise this tune from 13 Going On 30 (three cheers for Mark Ruffalo)! This was Liz Phair's only top 40 hit and was certified gold after selling 500,000 copies. What's worse than unrequited love? A love between two people when they're both already in relationships. This song will hit you with instant nostalgia and will leave you wanting to organise a night purely dedicated to watching cheesy romcoms. 

2. Stuck - Stacie Orrico

This was seemingly a one-hit wonder and was once featured in the soundtrack of the Disney film, "Stuck In The Suburbs". Orrico has since addressed her hiatus from the music world during the mid-2000s. She has been concentrating on her studies (women's literature and acting), and also travelled to South Africa to help children suffering with AIDS. 


3. California Waiting - Kings of Leon

There are actually two versions of this track. The first was recorded for Kings of Leon's debut EP, Holy Roller Novocaine. The band then re-recorded the track after growing concerns with the initial recording appearing too rushed. This was then reproduced for Youth and Young Manhood, though lead singer Caleb has since commented on his preference for the first version. 

4. Someday - Nickelback

Remember when people actually used to listen to Nickelback? This performed exceedingly well in Canada and remained at #1 in the charts for 3 weeks. There are two different music videos with alternate endings, one of which is notoriously hard to track down - so if you're a true Nickelback fan, see if you can find it! We'll be here waiting...

5. Mi Morena - Josh Groban

You know Starship's song, "We Built This City"? (How could you not)? This song was written by the same guy! Martin Page came across the word, "Morena" as he was reading a poem by Chilean artist, Pablo Neruda. Meaning, "my dark one" - Page decided to pen the song as an ode to brunettes and Neruda's work. Aside from the nylon guitar (which was played by Brian Fairweather), Martin Page played every single instrument on the track. Talk about talented!

6. Sand In My Shoes - Dido

Ever had a holiday romance that left you wanting more as soon as you were home? This song is about recreating just that. Dido described this track as, "A classic holiday romance song — that feeling where you go away, have this amazing time, feel like you've gone away forever and then you get back and nothing's changed and you're trying to recreate that feeling when you're back at home." Sigh - we've all been there...

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