6 Songs From 2004 You've Definitely Forgotten

These songs from 2004 are so forgotten, they're not even in our catalogue of karaoke songs! But do you know what we do have? 8,000+ other tracks that'll have you singing from day to night. Sing along with a free 14 day trial to our Online Karaoke service here

1. 5:30 - Robert Downey Jr.

It's no secret that Robert Downey Jr. is known for his musical flair with singing appearances on soundtracks of The Singing Detective, Tropic Thunder and Chaplin - but did you know the Iron Man star released a single 14 years ago called 5:30? His debut (and currently, only) album The Futurist was released in 2004 with eight ballads written, sung and performed by the artist himself. Is there anything the man can't do?

2. All For You, Sophia - Franz Ferdinand

We've all sung Take Me Out a million times during karaoke, but did the track "All For You, Sophia" escape your mind? Turns out the song has more historical and musical significance than we may think. In fact, the band's namesake was directly inspired by a specific cultural event that happened in 1914. The song speaks of the assassination attempts of Franz Ferdinand (The Archduke of Austria) and his wife Sophia during a fateful drive to Sarajevo - where Serbian conspirators were waiting. It was the same event that actually sparked off the beginnings of World World 1 between Austria and Serbia. Eek.

3. Annie - Vanessa Carlton

Annie is dedicated to a little girl called Victoria that Vanessa Carlton had met in hospital. Speaking of her experience during a concert, Vanessa went on to explain that despite the fact that Victoria was battling cancer, she remained to be one of the strongest, most positive and inspiring people that the singer had ever known. 

4. Who's David - Busted

If you're wondering who "David" is - he wasn't based off a real person, but a name that rhymed with the song lyric "invaded". Dang it. A song written by James Bourne and McFly lead singer Tom Fletcher, the writing process took place overnight at a hotel in Manchester and was finished by 8am the following day. If only we were that productive in the mornings...

5. Some Girls - Rachel Stevens

Did you know that Geri Halliwell wanted to sing this song so much that she locked herself in a car and wrote a love song to the producer, Richard X, to show her eagerness? Alas, the track went to Rachel Stevens but Geri's efforts weren't all wasted - Richard X was so inspired by the event, he wrote a satirical song titled "Me Plus One" in response!

6. That Girl - Lindsay Lohan

Who remembers watching Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen? Fans of the movie will recognise a bunch of scenes from the film in the music video as this song was also featured in the soundtrack. Much like Britney's "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" - the song speaks about the coming-of-age journey experienced. We'd say that we experienced a lot of nostalgia with this song - but we're all 21 at heart, right?

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