Bring home the Bollywood!

Bring home the Bollywood!

Now you may not know yet, but we have a whole range of Bollywood karaoke songs on our books! Yes, we do. We're huge fans of the Bollywood genre and we want to shout about it. From The Disco Song to Tum Hi Ho, we've got a huge range of songs to choose from that will get you into the Bollywood spirit!. 


To celebrate the movement, here's the top 10 interesting facts about Bollywood:

1. The name Bollywood came from 'Tollywood' which refers to the cinema of West Bengal.

2. Bollywood refers to the Hindi language cinema based in Mumbai.

3.The Wrestler was the first movie released back in 1899!

4. Dimple starred in her first movie when she was just 16 years old.

5. The longest film in the world happens to be a Bollywood movie 'LOC: Kargil', lasting 4 hours and 25 minutes!

6. Indian movies are now screened in over 90 countries.

7. Bollywood is the largest movie producers in India, taking 43% of revenue.

8. Kalki Koechlin’s great-grandfather was the chief engineer for the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

9. Kareena Kapoor wore 130 different dresses during the film Herione. 

10. Lagaan was the first Indian film to be released in China.


Click here for the full Bollywood playlist!

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