Everything You Need To Know About The 'Mean Girls' Musical

We haven't stopped trying to make fetch happen since the film's release in 2004, but 2017 might be the year that it'll finally be a thing. If you're a die-hard Mean Girls fan, start saving for your plane tickets to the Big Apple now as the musical version of the cult comedy film is making its way over to Broadway in March 2018. 


Nine-time Emmy award winner, writer and actress Tiny Fey, will be bringing the storyline back to life but this time, the Plastics will be all-singing, all-dancing and be totally, like, social media savvy. We're expecting scandalous Snapchats, incriminating Instagram stories and witty one-liners that'll break the internet quicker than the gossip in the Burn Book.


Tina Fey will be joined by "30 Rock" music composer and husband, Jeff Richmond, "The Book of Mormon" director, Casey Nicholaw and "Legally Blonde" lyricist, Nell Benjamin. As for Regina and her minions, Taylor Louderman (Bring It On, Peter Pan) will be playing the Queen Bee, Kate Rockwell as psychic weather forecaster Karen, and Ashley Park as queen of toaster strudel, Gretchen Wieners. It's going to be super grool - erm, cool. Fingers crossed it makes it way over the pond soon!

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