Sing for your six pack!

Get healthy with Lucky Voice: Sing for your six pack!

Singing is a great way to get fit and you need to add it to your 2016 workout regime sharpish. As if you needed another reason to love a decent karaoke session anyway. You may already be heading to the gym for the daily grind, or signing up to new classes in a bid to whip your post-Christmas body back into shape. We say, get the vocal chords warmed up as well, ready to belt out your favourite songs.

It's been scientifically proven (by all those experts in big white laboratories) that singing has both a physical and mental positive impact on our well-being. Studies have shown that a singing session can have just as many health benefits as a yoga lesson. When we sing, we exercise muscles in the upper body, whether we're sitting down or standing up and moving. It increases oxygen movement in the blood stream, as well as improving the lung and heart capacity. Just as importantly, singing helps lower cortisol which means lower stress levels. It's also been linked to helping mental illness sufferers with their memory loss or depression. And the real diamond here is that, it doesn't matter if you can actually sing well or not, you'll still get the benefits!

Physical health benefits to singing:

1. Improves posture
2. Increased aerobic exercise
3. Increased lung capacity
4. Toning of stomach and abdominal muscles
5. Boosts immune system

Mental health benefits to singing:

1. Reduces stress levels
2. Boosts confidence 
3. Improves mood and well-being 
4. Aids dementia sufferers with memory access
5. Helps depression sufferers

For maximum singing impact, they (they being those lab scientists again) have also researched that singing in a choir gives you an even higher feel good factor. In group singing, you feel a surge of endorphin due to the synchronized aspect of moving and breathing with others. We are social animals, after all. To optimize the health and the fun, we see only one solution: either get yourself and your mates down to a Lucky Voice bar and sing your lungs bigger in one of our sound proofed booths, or chill at home and give yourself a mood boost with Lucky Voice Online Karaoke. 

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