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While the declining temperatures and darkening days of Autumn mark the end of al fresco fun in the summer sun, they also herald the start of the house party season proper: Guy Fawkes follows hot on the heels of Halloween, and once the anarchy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been safely traversed, you're staring down the festive barrel of Christmas and New Year entertaining quicker than you can say bah humbug! 

Fortunately one of our company mottos at Lucky Voice is 'Live happy. Spread happy' and with that in mind we've compiled a list of house party essentials to make sure your next shindig is one the whole street will remember.


Fun snacks are a great way of distracting from the fact you aren't actually very good at cooking. These seasonal showstoppers will get tongues salivating and wagging in equal measures...


Halloween Lychee Eyeballs

These creepy 'eyeballs' are crazy easy to make: just poke a blueberry into a lychee and add a liberal douse of red food colouring or raspberry jam to create a spooky snack that's relatively good for you. 

Guy Fawkes

Toffee Apples Fireworks Night

No matter what age you are, toffee apples are the absolute bomb diggity. These chocolatey gems are a doddle to make, and with a few sugar stars sprinkled liberally on top, a great Guy Fawkes Night gobstopper.

Recipe here:


banana santas

These bad boys are a superb secret weapon in the arsenal of parents trying to trick their kids in to actually eating fruit over Christmas. Just pop a lolly stick through half a banana, a marshmallow and a strawberry, chuck on a bit of facial detailing with chocolate and a red M&M and you're good to go. 


It's always good to have a spot of entertainment ready to distract unruly children/grandparents and navigate lulls in conversation...

Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Kits

Nothing quite makes a house party like a gigantic collective sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody! Our awesome karaoke kits are incredibly easy to use and are eminently affordable with prices starting from £60. 

Grab one here:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch House Party Essentials

Nintendo specialise in entertainment for all ages and their latest console is no exception. The Nintendo Switch has an array of different gaming modes and includes motion controllers for the hilarity of competitive virtual bowling, boxing, fishing, Mario Kart and more.

Grab one here:

Weird Things Humans Search For

Weird Things Humans Search For

Weird Things Humans Search For is a hilarious and relatively PG (14+) party game where you are given the beginning of a Google query and have to complete the search term aiming at the most-searched answers. For example, humanity has excelled itself by completing the search term 'Can a fart...' most often with the two words 'kill you'. Eat fewer beans people!

Grab one here:


You can never go wrong with a good party prop...

Inflatable Air Guitars

Air Guitar Lucky Voice House Party Essentials Blog

As you can quite clearly see above, an inflatable air guitar instantly turns you in to a rockstar. These are one of the most popular items in our karaoke bars' fancy dress boxes and it's easy to see why!

Grab a 6 pack of guitars here:

Instagram Frame 

Personalised Instagram Prop For House Party Essentials

Personalised Instagram frames are a great prop to guarantee your house party gets the social media coverage it deserves, and a really useful way of chronicling the night's activities around a central set of hashtags.

Grab a personalised frame here:

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fondue Fountain House Party Essentials

FACT: You could throw the worst house party in the history of house parties, if there's a chocolate fondue fountain that's all people will remember!

Get one here:

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