Michael Fassbender Might Be The Next Celebrity Joining Carpool Karaoke...

Michael Fassbender has taken on legendary roles from Magneto, to Macbeth, to Steve Jobs - but the next step in his career looks to be taking a musical turn. Appearing as a guest on The Late Late Show, James Corden asks, “I heard from mutual friends that you’re desperate to do carpool karaoke, but you haven’t asked me, can you do it? I’ll be honest, I thought that was something you’d never want to do."

Fassbender sheepishly replies, "I like singing. I enjoy karaoke, it gets a little ugly, especially if I have a few drinks. I don’t let go of the mic". The X-Men star goes on to say that he'd choose to cover Frank Sinatra if he wants to sound good - or more surprisingly, Rihanna's Umbrella if he's feeling ambitious!

That's definitely music to our ears. With over 30 Rihanna songs on our system, Michael Fassbender is more than welcome to swing by Lucky Voice for a sing and a few drinks! 
Though Fassbender may seem like an unlikely guest, we're 100% ready for this collaboration to happen. You can watch the full video below:

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