Sainsbury's Released a Karaoke-Style Christmas Advert And The Nation Are Divided...

We're in the third week of November and the Christmas adverts are already in full swing. John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams have all released their festive contributions and now, it's Sainsbury's turn! This year, they've transformed their ad to become a video to sing along to and we for one, are ALL over it. As karaoke lovers ourselves, we think a festive sing with your loved ones is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas. It's a great way of bringing people together, releases those feel-good hormones and the dancing helps to burn off a mince pie or three!

As part of the brand's Living Well initiative, the supermarket giant used a cast of 200 customers to sing about the little moments that bring people closer together over Christmas. You can watch the full video here:

What did the nation think? A quick search on Twitter tells us that most people loved it:

Sainsburys tweet8

Sainsburys tweet6

Sainsburys tweet5

Sainsburys tweet3

Whereas this bunch of Christmas shoppers didn't seem to agree... yikes!

Sainsburys tweet4

Sainsburys tweet2

Sainsburys tweet

With Christmas adverts becoming a national event in itself, it's easy to see why we're all so invested in it... What do you think of the Christmas karaoke idea? 

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