Taylor Swift duets with Phoebe Buffay to sing Smelly Cat

Taylor Swift duets with Phoebe Buffay to sing 'Smelly Cat'

So we had this dream. Let us tell you. Our favourite quirky Friends star Phoebe Buffay gets global fame with iconic tune Smelly Cat and takes to the stage to duet with Taylor Swift. Unfortunately Taylor doesn't quite understand just how smelly this cat is, so Phoebe has to interrupt her to show how to really feel the lyrics of the song. Taylor then nails it and they harmonise for the big finale finish. 

Then we woke up from this dream only to realise this wasn't just a fabrication of our musical minds and actually happened! In real life. YEP. On the fifth night of the 1989 Staples Center world tour concert Phoebe, aka Lisa Kudrow, joined Taylor on stage to belt out the nation's most loved cat song. We firmly believe this is the best duet to have happened since Lionel Richie asked Diana Ross if perhaps she liked the idea of discussing eternal or endless love. 

Watch and enjoy. 

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