Top 5 worst Eurovision UK entries

Whilst the Eurovision Contest 2016 isn't until May, our UK entry have been confirmed and it prompted us to think back to all those, erm, successful performances. This year we've got Joe and Jake representing us - these two met as contestants on series 4 of The Voice UK and have remained friends ever since. Awww. They both got 3 chair turns, so we're hopeful on what they'll bring to the euro-table. Their Eurovision entry is You're Not Alone, take a peek:

Could this be our winning song? It's been a long time coming. Wouldn't it be great if we could walk away from the Eurovision with victory - the last time we won was in 1997, nearly a decade ago. Rather than celebrate the few entries we've successfully taken the top slot with, we thought we'd look back at the not-so-successful performances. After all, they're always more fun to watch!!

1. 2006 - Teenage Life by Daz Sampson

There is just something so wrong about a grown man taking to the stage surrounded school-uniform wearing girls, rapping about his teenage life and those 'sixth form girls'. That's why he takes the number one slot. Who signed this off exactly? It's got creep factor written all over it. 

2. 2005 - Not Just Anybody by Katie Price

So technically, Katie Price didn't represent the UK in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. We're eternally thankful Javine won the heats that year. However, we feel compelled to share with you her performance on GMTV and offer her second place. Enjoy.

3. 2007 - Flying A Flag by Scooch

If the contest was judged on the most annoying, irritating, 'are we tuning into a toddler's TV show?' performance, then Scooch would have definitely won. If the exits are here, here and here...then we're heading out the door immediately. 

4. 1973 - Power To All Our Friends by Cliff Richard

With a huge side order of cheese that only Cliff can serve up, this song is just a bit 'wet fish'. But what bothers us the most are those dance moves. What is wrong with his legs? Two dislocated knees must really hurt.

5. 1990 - Give A Little Love Back To The World by Emma

Either she's singing through her nose the entire time, or, she got a really bad head cold the day before. We'll admit this isn't horrendous as far as our entries go, but it isn't great either. 

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