Top 6 Easiest Songs To Sing (Halloween Edition)

If you fancy karaoke at Halloween, but don't want to scare off the crowd - here are our top 6 easiest songs to add to your spooktacular playlist. But let's be honest, underneath that scary mask is probably a voice that could make Frankenstein's monster cry (with happiness). If you want to practice beforehand, check out our free 14 day trial to Lucky Voice Online Karaoke. That way, you won't need a full moon to show off your howling.

1) Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

If you want to feel like the leader of the (were)wolves, this is one to sing with the masses. You won't need to be a musically-trained soprano for this song, but you'll want to have your pack to sing the chorus with you. Perfect for those with a flair for the dramatics - especially if you've got ghostbustin' gear to match.

2) Monster Mash - Bobby "Borris" Picket & The Crypt Kickers

Another crowd winner that’ll score you several high-fives and nostalgic slaps on the back. All you need is your voice and your worst moves. Did you know that the song title was inspired by the popular ‘mashed potato dance’ in the 60s? Yep, a type of carb was made into a DANCE. Those geniuses from the 60s are my spirit animals. It was originally called ‘Monster Twist’ as an attempt to jump on the ‘Twist’ trend, it then changed to the ‘Monster Mashed Potato’ before ‘Monster Mash’ was finally decided. You’ll never look at your mash the way same way again.

3) Ghost Town - The Specials

For those who find it difficult to stay in tune, this will be a breeze. The music does most of the work, and you pretty much just talk your way through it. If you’re a mumbler, this is for you. Aside from a few verses here and there, the backing vocals practically lead you across the finish line.

4) I Put A Spell On You - Sonique

Whether you first heard it via Jay Hawkins, Nina Simone, Sonique, Annie Lennox or Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus - this is one for those who like a little mystery in their lives (and want to come across as a smooth operator). It has a low enough vocal range that’s suitable for most, and won’t require you to scream your lungs out (save that for the Halloween costume).

5) Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & The Black Seeds

Dressing up as a vampire this year? This will be perfect to go with your natural suave and silky drawl. With words smoother than caramelised apples and an evenly paced tempo, this track oozes with seduction. You’ll be fighting off ghouls and brides with this one.

6) Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

If you don’t fancy hacking it solo, this is one for the group. It's one you can nail whether you’re sober or slurring after a few tipples. If all else fails, just wait for the chorus and yell ‘let’s do the time warp again’ and get the whole room to join in with you. As soon as the pelvic thrust starts happening, most people will forget about the lyrics anyway!

So that’s our top 6 easiest songs to sing this Halloween. You can also find them compiled into this neat little playlist here. If you reckon you can raise the stakes and fancy a challenge, how about checking out our top 5 hardest songs to sing for Halloween?

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