Top six karaoke songs of 2016 - guess who?!

It's the list you've been waiting for, the hottest karaoke songs of 2016 so far on Lucky Voice Online Karaoke... We've got the top six - why six you ask? Well, it's a magic number... 

Once you've reminded yourselves of these hits you'll be desperate to sing them.

6. Justin Bieber - Love yourself

Controversial but equally awesome, Justin Bieber we love you.

5. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Number five is a slight surprise, but only because we'd have thought she'd be fighting for the top spot.

4. Little Mix - Black Magic

At number four and I'm sure you were expecting them to appear at some point, they're the unstoppable workaholics.

3. Pharrell Williams - Happy

With the bronze medal it's the never ageing Pharrell Williams with the fast becoming classic, Happy!

2. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

Now it gets pretty serious, these are the sought after spots for any artist - it's just impossible to not dance to this song...or is that just us? What. A. Song.

1. Frozen - Let It Go

First is not the worst, this is the song that you've been belting out the most this year and surely is now forever an ultimate karaoke favourite for generations to come. It needs no introduction...Let It Go...

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