X Factor 6 chair challenge boys - can you do any better?

The boys' category didn't start off too well, let's be honest.  At one point we all got a bit concerned the six chairs might never be filled. Grimmers kept his nerve and made sure he turned away those who really didn't deserve to sit down, but it turned out the best were saved until last. Phew! 

We were all waiting for Sean and Josh to perform, being our firm favourites from the beginning. But who really stole the show for us unexpectedly was 18 year old Che. Goosebumps. If you haven't seen them yet, here are all the performances from last night that bagged the top slots. As always, we simply have to ask, can you do any better?  If you can smash the falsetto out of the park, then sing along with Lucky Voice Online!

Tom shows off his range with Whitney's I Look To You:

Simon takes a risk that pays off with his acoustic version of Hold My Hand:

Ben appears to be the underdog but hits all the right notes with Kodaline's All I Want:

Josh shows off his clean cut and dulcet tones with Sande's Clown:

Sean brings sass in abundance and hits it hard with I Who Have Nothing:

Che stole the show and stole our hearts with his version of This Is A Man's World:

And let's just all take some time to recall this car crash.  He's fine proof that attitude can ruin everything.  We actually quite enjoyed his audition. Mason Noise? More like Moron Noise:

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