X Factor auditions week 3 - can you do better?

It seems like the country has been secretly hiding a hoard of awesome singers, with another week of X Factor auditions showing big talent. Even though Simon didn't quite cry this week, he did seem to hand out many many 'big fat yeses'. We've noticed a lot more great auditions happening and less 'bad' auditions. Either everyone has had secret singing lessons or, the more plausible option, karaoke practice has made everyone the best singers ever!

But what about you?  Lessons or no lessons, give it a go!  We've gathered up our favourites from the weekend and asking if you can do any better? It's karaoke, after all - we don't mind if you hit the top notes or the bum notes. Just enjoy doing it!

Here's Katie giving an emotional acoustic performance of Break Free:

Brodie Kelly is only 18 but sings a wonderful version of Hey There Delilah (and gains a lot of female fans too):

Gospel girls Silver Tone give us two very different auditions, giving us first Rather Be but then smashing out Bridge Over Troubled Water:

18 year old barmaid Keira seems to be a firm favourite, singing We Don't Have To Take Out Clothes Off:

Sunday Club seem to have instant success with Too Close:

Monica returns a year later to show us all what she's made of with Impossible:

BekLn raise the roof with their powerful version of Hold Back The River:

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