You know the songs...but do you know their famous writer?

Sure, you know the words off by heart. You sing it in the shower, stuck in traffic or even in your head during a very boring work meeting. you know the famous face who penned those precious words? It comes as no surprise that most of our favourite singers are also talented wordsmiths too. 

Here's a list of our favourite top 10 songs written by other stars: 

1. Ceelo Green, Forget You - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was a serial songwriter before he hit the limelight himself, having knocked up many a number one hit for other artists. We're so glad he decided to take to the stage too. That voice deserves the microphone.

2. The Vamps, Can We Dance - Karl Michael / Bruno Mars

Mars strikes again, but this time along with UK singer and song-writer Karl Michael. He appeared on The Voice UK and had one of the most epic battle rounds of all time, nailing Daniel Merryweather's Red. 

3. Beyonce, Pretty Hurts - Sia

Sia can do no wrong, with both her own tracks and the smash hits she writes for other stars too. Apparently, as soon as Beyonce heard Pretty Hurts she said she simply HAD to have that song. And that she did. 

4. Jessie Ware, Say You Love Me - Ed Sheeran

Our loveable Ed creates such magic with his own songs, proving to extend his talent to others too. This song, once you know, has Sheeran's touch written all over it. Literally. 

5. The Bangles, Manic Monday - Prince

The legend was more than a singer and a performer, he was a genius. He's written many a famous hit for others, but we rather enjoyed this track from this abundant collection. 

6. Rihanna, Diamonds - Sia

Sia strikes Rihanna one of her biggest selling hits. 

7. Robbie Williams, Candy - Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow is a notorious wordsmith, with most of Take That's classic hits under his songwriting belt. We're thus so glad to see Robbie and Gary not only reconciled their differences but worked together on one of Robbie's more recent solo tracks. 

8. One Direction, Little Things - Ed Sheeran 

Another Sheeran classic! He's genuinely good pals with the 1D boys and thus wrote Little Things for them to turn into one of their own smash hits. 

9. Diana Ross, Chain Reaction - The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees weren't just a brotherly boy-band with supernatural high voices - they were also talented writers too. 

10. Michael Jackson, You Are Not Alone - R Kelly

R Kelly wrote this about some of his darker periods in the limelight and sent it to Jackson for a listen...who then asked to collaborate on the track together. The next thing you know, it's one of Jackson's most iconic tracks. 

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