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Lucky Voice Pro is our karaoke-on-demand streaming service for venues. Just £24.99 + VAT gives you access to thousands of karaoke favourites for 24 hours - perfect for private parties and weekly karaoke nights. All you need is a broadband connection, laptop and screen to go along with your existing AV set-up. It's affordable and easy to use!

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The Lucky Voice Pro Party Box

Light on equipment or keen to get your hands on one of our signature pink mics for your venue? Check out our Lucky Voice Party Box, the karaoke mixer that turns your computer into the ultimate karaoke machine. Plug and play.

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What our customers say

"Lucky Voice Pro is a great system, it's so easy for our customers to literally walk in to the room, pick up the mic and start singing. The song selection is second to none, all your favourites are there; the quality of each song is impressive, back-up vocals and all! Its simplicity makes supporting a breeze too!"

– Stephen Hammond, Strike Bowling Australia

Case studies

Lucky Voice at The Alice House

The Alice House, London

"When we mention karaoke, customers' ears prick up and it's immediately something they want for their night. It's a major selling point for the space. Once singing, customers are so immersed in the experience that they often stay longer and spend more." – Jon Edwards, Manager
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The Royal Pier, Aberystwyth

The Royal Pier, Aberystwyth

"We came across Lucky Voice Pro, saw we could do karaoke nights ourselves and crunched the numbers. We saw what we would be saving and said to ourselves, 'We have to give it a go'." – Lee Neville-Jones, Manager
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