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Lyrics for My Yiddishe Momme (Gap Cut Version)

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My Yiddishe Momme (Gap Cut Version) lyrics

Tom Jones

John Farnham

My yiddishe... momme

I... miss her more

than ever now

my yiddishe... mo-momme

I... long to kiss

her wrinkled brow...

I... long

to hold her hand once more

as I... did in days gone by...

and... beg her to forgive me

for things

I... did that made her cry...

How few were her pleasures

she never cared for

fashion styles

her jewels and her treasures

she found them

in her baby's smiles...

And I... know that I... owe

everything that I am today...

to that wonderful lady

so old and so grey...

To that wonderful

yiddishe momme...



of...... mine.....

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