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Lyrics for Savages (Parts I & II)

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Savages (Parts I & II) lyrics

Male Singer = BLUE

Female Singer = PINK

Their whole disgusting

race is like a curse

their skin's a hellish red

they're only good when dead

they're vermin, as I said

and worse

Barely even human

drive them from our shore

they're not like you and me

which means

they must be evil

We must sound

the drums of war

dirty redskin devils

now we sound

the drums of war

This is what we feared

the paleface is a demon

the only thing

they feel at all is greed

Beneath that milky hide

there's emptiness inside

I wonder if they even bleed

barely even human

killers at the core

They're different from us

which means

they can't be trusted

we must sound

the drums of war

First we deal with this one

then we sound

the drums of war

Let's go kill a few, men!

now it's up to you, men!

barely even human

now we sound

the drums of war...

This will be the day

let's go, men!

this will be the morning

bring out the prisoner

I don't know what I can do

but, still

I know I've got to try

eagle, help my feet to fly


help my heart be great

spirits of the Earth and sky

please don't let it

be too late...

Kill them!

What are we waiting for

destroy their evil race

until there's not a trace left

how loud

are the drums of war

Now we see what comes

of trying to be chums

is the death of all I love

carried in

the drumming of war

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