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Lyrics for High Noon

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High Noon lyrics

Do not forsake me

Oh, my darlin'

on this, our weddin' day

do not forsake me

Oh, my darlin'

wait, wait alone

I do not know

what fate awaits me

I only know

I must be brave

And I must face

a man who hates me

or lie a coward

a craven coward

or lie a coward

in my grave

Oh, to be torn

'twixt love and duty

supposin' I lose

my fair-haired beauty

look at that big hand move

along, nearin' high noon

He made a vow

while in states prison

vowed it would be

my life for his and

I'm not afraid of death

but, Oh, what will I do

if you leave me

Do not forsake me

Oh, my darlin'

you made that

promise as a bride

Do not forsake me

Oh, my darlin'

although you're grievin'

don't think of leavin'

now that I need you

by my side

Wait along

wait along

wait along

wait along

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