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Lyrics for All The Young Dudes

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All The Young Dudes lyrics

Well, Billy rapped all night

about his suicide

how he'd kick it in the head

when he was twenty-five

Speed jive

don't wanna stay alive

when you're twenty-five

And Wendy's stealin' clothes

from marks and sparks

and Freddy's got spots

from rippin' off the stars

from his face

funky little boat race

Television man is crazy

sayin' we're juvenile

delinquent wrecks

Oh, man I need t.v.

when I got T. Rex

Oh, brother, you guessed

I'm a dude, Dad

hey dudes, where are ya

stand up, come on

I wanna hear you

I wanna see you

and I wanna talk to you

all of you

Lucy's lookin' sweet 'cause

he dresses like a Queen

but he can kick like a mule

it's a real mean team

but we can love

Oh yes, we can love

And my brother's

back at home with

his Beatles and his stones

we never got it off on that

revolution stuff

what a drag, too many snags

Now I've drunk a lot of wine

and I'm feelin' fine

gotta race some cat to bed

Oh, is there concrete

all around

or is it in my head...

Yeah, I'm a dude, Dad

hey dudes, where are ya

stand up

I wanna hear ya

I wanna see you

I wanna relate to you

what dudes

let's hear the news, come on

I wanna kick you

Hey you there

with the glasses

I want you

I want you at the front


are you all his friends

now you bring him down

'cause I want him, a-ha

I want him right here

bring him, come on

bring him, ha-ha

Here you go

I've wanted to do

this for years, ha-ha

there you go

how did it feel

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