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Lyrics for I (Who Have Nothing)

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I (Who Have Nothing) lyrics

I.., I who have nothing

I.., I who have no-one

Adore you, and want you so

I'm just a no-one

with nothing to give you but

oh...., I love you

You, you buy her diamonds

Bright, sparkling diamonds,

But believe me

dear when I say

That he can give you the world

but he'll never love you the way

I love you

He can take you

any place you want

To fancy clubs and restaurants

But I can only watch you eat

My nose pressed up

against the window pane...

I.., I who have nothing

I.., I who have no-one

Must watch you

Go dancing by

Wrapped in the arms

of somebody else

when darling it's

I.., who loves you...

Who loves you

I love you..........

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