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Lyrics for I Am A Clown

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I Am A Clown lyrics

I am a clown

I am a clown, clown

you'll always see me smile

you'll never see me frown


my scenes are good

sometimes they're bad

not funny ha-ha

funny sad

I am a clown

look at the clown, clown

always a laughing face

whenever you're around

Always the same routine

I never change

not funny ho-ho

funny strange

Sometimes I think

the world is a circus town

sometimes I feel

I belong in a sideshow

That man on

the flying trapeze

he ain't never comin' down

he knows what I know

if you look inside

If I didn't hide

you might decide

you don't want me

I am a clown

that's why I'm

a clown, clown

just like the fool on the hill

beggin' to come down

I wanna live again

Oh, I wanna feel

tell me you love me

make me real

Tell me you love me

make me real

tell me you love me

make me real

See the funny little clown

see the puppet on a string

Wind him up and he will sing

give him candy

he will dance

but be certain not to feel

if his funny face is real

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