10 reasons why a Karaoke Kit is the best Valentine's gift

10 reasons why a Karaoke Kit is the best Valentine's gift

Roses, chocolates and diamond jewellery, all presented in beautiful boxes across a candlelit dinner for two. This is the stereotypical ideal for a Valentine's Day celebration that many across the globe will have sorted ready for the 14th. Whilst this is lovely, we must admit, it's all very 'been there done that'. Cliche, if you will. That's why we're all about the Karaoke Kit and after reading our reasons below, you will be too.

10 reasons why you need to get a Karaoke Kit for your lover this Valentine's day...

1. Pink (mic) is the colour of luurve

2. Duets are better than solos

3. The euphoria of a good sing is only equaled by the euphoria of first love

4. A Karaoke Kit is a present to remember (and lasts longer than roses!)

5. It's a gift that keeps on giving: can be used for future house parties and general festive evenings

6. After dinner you can continue the fun by singing together at home!

7. It will be that unexpected gift they'll never forget

8. You can sing your way into your lover's heart

9. If they enjoy a good singalong, you'll look like you're the most attentive partner ever

10. If you're proposing, you can serenade her first with the kit before getting on one knee

10 reasons why our Karaoke Kit is the perfect Valentine's Day gift

We think we've made our stance clear! If you want to give the gift of true love's song this Valentines, then you can purchase one of our kits by clicking here. What's more, we've got a ready made Valentine's Day playlist for you to start singing straight away! So plug the mic in and spread the love this February. 

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