Top 20 easiest karaoke songs to sing

Top 20 Easiest Karaoke Songs To Sing

From Billy Joel to Billy Ray Cyrus, check out our round up of the top 20 easiest karaoke songs to sing

Everyone knows that karaoke isn't about being a professional singer. That being said, doesn't it always make you feel like the ruler of the world when you nail a tune? No one wants to take the mic and then accidentally crucify a classic!

Fortunately for aspiring karaoke superstars, this blog is exactly what you need to kill it like a boss next time you go for a sing. Being quite the karaoke experts – if we do say so ourselves! – we've scoured the lands for easy karaoke songs to perform: from the icebergs of the Antarctic to the deepest, darkest depths of the Amazon rainforest we've quested to give you the top 20 easy to sing karaoke songs for a guaranteed mic drop every time. Enjoy...

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P.P.S. Check out our mammoth round of of the top 100 karaoke songs of all time for even more inspiration!

1. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

This song will promise to do two things: make everyone feel super happy, and make you sound pretty decent at singing.

2. Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart

Do as Billy does and just sing super low with a slight lazy twang. Sorted.

3. Madness - Baggy Trousers

There's absolutely no way to ruin this song, mainly because it's just talking with a backing track!

4. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

Once again, it's practically just talking. Also, the repetition here will make it easy to stay in the same key until the end.

5. The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

This one just requires a bit of anarchist attitude to nail. Not much vocal range going on, so tackle it fearlessly. 

6. Billy Joel - Uptown Girl

Bringing all the cheesy factor that a cheese counter can offer, Uptown Girl goes at an easy pace to keep up with. 

7. Spice Girls - Wannabe

To put it bluntly: if Ginger Spice can sing it and make Wannabe a smash hit, so can you. Zig a zig ah!

8. Blur - Country House

Oh, this is easy: act like you've just woken up from a nap and feel a bit fuzzy and disorientated; then you'll sing Blur like Damon Albarn himself!

9. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With A Rhythm Stick

What a classic. Luckily, it's also damn easy to sing too. You can literally talk your way through it. 

10. Culture Club - Karma Chamelon

Boy George, we heart you for this song. We can sing it, dance to it and even shout it if we so desire.

11. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire

It's a little known fact that ANY Johnny Cash song is perfect for karaoke beginners. 

12. Joan Jett - I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Ahhhh, an absolute 24 carat banger! Give this one all the lungs you can offer with some sass thrown in for good measure and voila, instant rock 'n' roll royalty.

13. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

The two words 'Taylor Swift' may panic you, but fear not. The repetition of this number allows you to just say words over and over and over... and over. 

14. Lisa Loeb - Stay

It's slower than you think, and it is that kind of song that will immediately make your friends exclaim 'OMG I loved this track!' so you're onto a guaranteed winner.

15. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

There's a reason this song is often used to learn how to play piano. It's simple and clean. 

16. Blink 182 - All The Small Things

If you half-sing through your nose and half-shout the lyrics, you'll absolutely nail this.

17. B-52's - Love Shack

One guy + one girl + one easy song to sing = one awesome karaoke duet. Rock Lobster is another great pick from the B-52s for easy singing.

18. The Beatles - Hey Jude

Another track that will have everyone joining in from the get go, taking all the pressure off your vocal ability. But even solo, you'll rock this as it's slow enough for you to pretend like you know what you're doing.

19. Destiny's Child - Say My Name

Best performed with your full girl squad in tow – this song is surprisingly easy to smash out as it's 80% talk-singing. If you can do a Destiny's tune, you're laughing!

20. ABBA - Mamma Mia

The vocal range is low and the key changes are rare, making this tune easy to slay on the mic. Plus, people will love you for this song choice. Double win!

Did we miss any easy karaoke classics out? Let us know @LuckyVoice!

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