11 songs that always get stuck your head

You know the score. You listen to that song just once (once is all it takes) and then it’s stuck in your head for the rest of the day like a broken record. You can try watch TV, or sing along to another song but nothing works. That song is here to stay. How do these artists manage to do that?  Either they’re extremely annoying or extremely talented...we can never work out which. 

Enjoy our top 11 catchy songs of all time:

1. Carly Rae Jepsen scoops top slot with the wonderful but oh-so-catchy Call Me Maybe that we can't stop singing even when we want to. Damn you Carly. 

2. By the end of this song we’re either in need of a Cheerleader or we’ve started to actually believe we are a cheerleader. 

3. Rebecca Black takes the broken record third slot with her tune, Friday.

4. Justin Bieber was just a Baby when he recorded this, but he knew what he was doing. Getting stuck in our heads was his main aim, and he achieved it all right.

5. Whilst we absolutely love Miss Swift, we have to accept that her smash hit We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together will never ever ever get out of our heads. Like, ever. 

6. We’re yelling Timber only because it’s the only word that we can think of having sung this to ourselves all day every day since the release.

7. We only need 5 seconds of Willow’s Whip My Hair before it’s embedded into our frontal lobe for the rest of eternity.

8. Oh, we see. Repeat offender over here. Carly, we Really Like You too. But, your songs are more mentally infectious than the Crazy Frog theme tune.

9. That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings was a smash hit, so much so that we soon forgot what our actual real names were having sung it on constant repeat in our heads. 

10. By the end of it, the only two words we know are My Humps. That’s it. My. Humps. All other words have left our vocabulary. 

11. We really really wished that we could get Can’t Get You Out Of My Head out of our heads. But it’s a no go. It’s in there, for life. 

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