25 Rare Facts About Britney Spears You Didn't Know

Reckon you're a die-hard Britney fan? How many of these 25 facts about the Pop Princess did you already know? If you want to belt out her classic songs after reading this - we've got your back. Grab a mic (or your nearest hairbrush) and sing along on Lucky Voice Online Karaoke. While you're at it - don't forget to claim your free trial!

1. Britney and Prince William were supposedly exchanging emails before his courtship with Kate Middleton began. The two had arranged a dinner date but the meeting never ended up happening! 

2. If there were ever to be a movie made about Britney's life, the star has requested for Natalie Portman to play her in the biopic. 

3. We all know and love her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, but did you know there's a third sibling in the Spears household? A brother called Bryan James!

4. Can you hear a Shania Twain twang in Britney's song, "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"? Turns out Shania and her husband had penned the song!

5. Remember the astronaut in "Oops!... I Did It Again"? Well, he's now a trauma surgeon in Phoenix. I guess space travel with Britney wasn't a viable career option after all...

6. Before Britney signed her record deal with Jive Records in 1997, she was in talks to join an all-girl band called Innosense. We're glad she became a solo act.

7. She shares the same birthday as Lucy Liu and Nelly Furtado.

8. Speaking of Natalie Portman, the actress and Britney have known each other since they were 10 years old and were both understudies for the off-Broadway play Ruthless.

9. Britney was born on 2nd December 1981 in McComb, Mississippi.

10. We LOVED Lady Gaga and Beyoncé's collaboration on the track "Telephone" but turns out Lady Gaga had originally meant for the song to go to Britney instead! We wonder how it would've compared...

11. Not only that but she turned down the chance to sing Umbrella - so it went to Rihanna instead!

12. Her favourite singer is Bruno Mars. Good thing we've got a bunch of his songs on our karaoke catalogue, eh?

13. Britney once partnered with celebrity restaurateur Bobby Ochs to open a restaurant in New York called Nyla. The establishment originally served cajun food before switching to American dishes with an Italian fusion. Britney later ended the partnership citing "mismanagement" eek. 

14. The song "3" is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long.

15. "Baby One More Time" was arguably the hit that turned Britney into a household name - but it was actually originally written for TLC. The band turned it down because they didn't like the lyrics.

16. The music video was filmed at Venice High School in LA - the same school that was used on location for the movie, Grease!

17. Britney worked part-time at her great-grandmother's crawfish restaurant as a kid. It was here that she learned to use the cash register.

18. The role of Daisy in Dukes of Hazzard ultimately went to Jessica Simpson but Britney was also considered for the part too.

19. The song "Outrageous" was written by R Kelly.

20. Britney once accidentally started a fire at her brother's apartment in NYC. She lit a candle in front of an air vent and it promptly set the wall alight! Luckily the fire department arrived just in time.

21. Before she was famous, she was an aerobics instructor at her parents' family-owned gym.

22. Despite being nominated for 8 awards, Britney's only ever had one Grammy - this was for the 'Best Dance Recording' for Toxic.

23. Britney still remains to be the highest paid reality show judge... EVER. She was paid $15 million to appear on X-Factor in 2012.

24. One of the first songs Britney wrote for herself was "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman". 

25. She is a notorious nail biter!

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