6 Songs From 1998 You've Definitely Forgotten

Reckon you've got a great musical knowledge? See if you can dig these from the archives and remember these 6 songs from 1998! Warning: They're so forgotten - even our karaoke catalogue doesn't have them!

1. Amigone - The Goo Goo Dolls

Now, we all know (and love) Iris - but how many of you still remember Amigone? The title of the song is also a chain of funeral homes in Buffalo, New York - incidentally where the band hail from. Speaking of name inspirations, The band was originally called The Sex Maggots though were forced to come up with an alternative moniker when a promoter refused to book them. 5 minutes later and a quick trawl through True Detective magazine, The Goo Goo Dolls were born.  

2. Como Estais Amigos - Iron Maiden

Did you know that this is the only non-English song title in Iron Maiden's discography? Como Estais Amigos was written in memory of the Argentinian and British soldiers who lost their lives during the Falklands war.


3. The Secret of Life - Faith Hill

"What if The Dalai Lama were a bartender?" That's how songwriter Gretchen Peters normally introduces this song. Written from a woman's perspective about her secret of life and the importance of being in the moment, the song goes on to show the protagonist's observations on the drunk guys in the bar - not knowing the Bartender is actually The One who holds the answers to her lyrical croons. Pretty deep stuff!

4. Sexy Boy - Air

If you've ever wondered how the name Air came about - it isn't about the stuff floating around us but an acronym that stands for "Amour, Imagination, Rêve" (that's love, imagination and dream to me and you). The music video features the band playing on the streets wearing a monkey printed t-shirt. The animal then grows and becomes Godzilla before it towers over the city. So THAT'S how Godzilla was born...

5. Kind & Generous - Natalie Merchant

Know somebody you could sing this song to? As it features the word "thank you" about 30 times - it's a great way of showing gratitude to the important people in your life. Speaking to VH1 Storytellers, Natalie Merchant tells of her feelings for the song: "I'm proud of the song because I always wanted to write a song that had an extremely universal, simple sentiment. And just gratitude, that's all this song is about and really I feel like I accomplished my mission: simple, to the point. And everyone knows what I'm talking about the first time they hear the song, and they can sing along." We sure can!

6. Perfect - Smashing Pumpkins 

Did you know that the husband and wife team behind the music video also went on to direct the hit comedy film, Little Miss Sunshine? Jonathon Drayton and Valerie Faris worked with Smashing Pumpkins on four other music videos including the smash hit, 1979.

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