6 Struggles We All Have Every Winter

With snow swiftly sweeping through parts of the UK and the Christmas playlists in full swing, we're beyond excited for the upcoming party season. However, though it's the season for glitz and glam, it's also a time where winter weather takes over and cause blips of annoyances in our day-to-day lives. Here are 6 struggles we seem to encounter on a daily basis. Which ones do you agree with?

1. You have scalier skin than Daenarys Targaryen's dragons

Despite going through endless pots of thick body creams, your limbs are still drier than the Sahara dessert and could very well make a cameo appearance as Drogon in the next season of Game of Thrones.

2. Hat hair still isn't this year's biggest autumn/winter trend

Ever experienced a bowl-shaped hairstyle after taking your hat off for the day? Though a bit of dry shampoo tends to do the trick, it's still an annoying sight - especially if you have evening plans. Eek. That, and we haven't addressed the issue of having super static hair yet...

3. You're either wearing too many or too little layers

This is especially true if you're a commuter in London. One minute, your winter warmers are doing a fine job of keeping your body temperature at an optimal level - and the next, you're hurrying to remove your scarf, hat, coat, cardigan and gloves because you're slowly getting boiled alive on the tube! Then by the time you step outside, you're absolutely freezing again...

4. Your lips are constantly chapped

No amount of Carmex will be able to fix this chapped lips situation you've got going on. Some people even resort to picking at the skin... which is definitely something we'd never do... ever. 

5. You don't shave until summer comes round

It's no surprise to see the ladies sport hairy legs whilst the gents suddenly sprout beards as soon as winter comes round. It's an extra layer of warmth and when it's the season for woolly jumpers and thermal leggings, who's going to go for that extra pamper sesh when you can use that time to make a hot chocolate instead? All in the name of winter hibernation, right?  

6. You find yourself paying for overpriced hot drinks

Hazelnut hot chocolate? Gingerbread latte? Eggnog coffee? You're a sucker for a festive-themed hot drink - but your bank account isn't. In the name of Christmas cheer, you find yourself handing over an eye-watering amount of money in favour of a syrup-filled drink - and you have no regrets. Until you're onto your third one, that is...

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