6 ways to throw the best NYE house party

If you’re all about the staying in and less about the going out, then hosting your own New Year’s Eve party is where it’s at. Seeing 2016 in, in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve decided you want to throw a NYE party but haven’t quite finalised the plans yet, then this blog post is just for you. We’ve got some awesome tips and tricks to ensure you and your guests have the most memorable NYE yet!

1.Bubbly and beverages
NYE is such an occasion that calls for the ol’ fizz.  Whether it’s Prosecco or Champagne, grab some bottles and the appropriate flutes to match. You don’t need to splash the cash to impress either - these days a decent Cava can be picked up for £5 a bottle. Quid’s in!

2. Finger food
To keep the masses happy, you know you’ve got to have a food spread somewhere. Chances are as soon as 2016 rings in, everyone will be a bit tipsy and a bit peckish. Fear not, no-one is expecting mini puff pastries or home-made voulevants. Variety is key to contentment. You can just do dippy things such as cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus, crisps, potato wedges, king prawns, cold meats etc. Sorted.

3. Music and karaoke 
If music be thy food of love...get the Karaoke Kit out! Okay so Shakespeare never technically wrote that but we think he should have. Along with a music set that will get the party started, having a karaoke singalong en masse is the way to party stardom. Simply open Lucky Voice Online Karaoke and get the dance floor (aka the living room) buzzing. We’ve even got a NYE Karaoke playlist for you so no faffin’ required. 

6 ways to throw the best NYE house party

4. Hats, poppers and streamers
Party hats are KEY. Even those grumpy oldies can don a hat and feel a bit more in the party spirit. If you’re a no-hat household, then interior decoration will spruce up the place ready for party mood. If in doubt, fill the place up with balloons so guests have to literally battle their way in, like this poor soul. 

5. Furniture, feng shui and floor arrangement
If you’re after a decent party vibe then your establishment needs to be ready to house the masses. Move all the furniture back flat to the walls and hide any expensive ornaments. We’re not saying you need to align the sofa just so in accordance with the feng shui rules, but you just need room for people to dance, fall over or decide Twister is a must at 2am. Also, if you want to salvage your chairs feel free to cover them in cling film. Red wine is as red wine does. 

6. Unexpected sleepers 
However much they claim they’re only popping over for one midnight toast, they will end up kipping on your floor. Be prepared to house more gatecrashers than originally planned by doubling up on sleeping bags, duvets and finding floor space. Make sure the beds have maximum capacity and prop people up in a wardrobe or two if required. They’ll be too wasted to notice they’re in the dog’s bed anyway. 

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