8 Winter Life Hacks You NEED To Know

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... so let us warm you up with our winter life hacks! Some of these will seem blindingly obvious, so we're surprised we hadn't already thought of them before! 

1. Sing karaoke to instantly warm up

A little bit of karaoke never hurt anybody - well, until Aunt Julie's had a few too many Baileys and the dancing gets a little out of control but that's a story for another time. If you're feeling a bit chilly, belting out a few songs with accompanying dance moves will do you wonders. Not only will it raise your heart rate but it'll give you a surge of adrenaline too. Here's 14 days of free singing to get you started!


2. Dab some hand sanitiser on your car keys

Rumour has it that a little dollop of hand sanitiser on your keys will help to unlock your frozen car doors easier. The alcohol inside the gel means thawing out the ice ends up being an absolute breeze. That means no more snapped car keys or emergency phone calls for a lift to work!

3. Make a Snuggie out of your dressing gown

Want a Snuggie but can't bear to part with the cash? Easy solution, just wear your dressing gown back to front! Genius. The hood can also double up as a snacks holder - movie nights have never been cosier...

4. Leave the oven door open after cooking

It's all too tempting to sneakily turn the thermometer up during winter - but your gas bill at the end of the month will probably give you more chills than the weather. Next time you bust out a Sunday roast, leave the oven door open so the hot air can make its way through the house and warm up the rooms! Plus, you get a dinner out of it so everyone's a winner...

5. Create an air freshener from your kitchen

Ran out of your favourite festive candle? You can create the scent straight from your kitchen! Just put the spices you use for mulled wine in a boiling pan of water and let the festive smells begin. Come to think of it, it might be a better idea to make mulled wine so you can have the scent and the drink!

6. Freshen up hat hair with dry shampoo

Unfortunately, having hair moulded to the shape of your hat isn't going to be this winter's biggest fashion trend so we'll have to make do with some dry shampoo. Spray a bit at the roots, give it a rustle and voila! Your hair is revitalised and looking its best again. 

7. Instantly make your footwear waterproof 

Raining outside and don't have your wellies on? Now, this might sound like a bizarre suggestion but bear with us, it's going to make a lot of sense. Pack a few spare sandwich bags (for literally, a rainy day) and pop them on over your socks to create instant waterproofs! Anything is better than having a day of soggy socks...

8. Put a hot water bottle/electric blanket in your bed 

We wrote a post about the 9 stereotypical British things we do on a daily basis and was surprised to find out that most people don't have hot water bottles anymore. What?! We might be showing our age here but they're a winter essential and can be cheap as chips to get! Pop one in your bed or switch on your electric blanket before you go to sleep so it'll be all warm and cosy for when you're ready to snooze.

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