April Fools Day

The April Fools within the April Fools

What a story we have to tell. We still haven't recovered fully from this morning's antics. Hearts have been broken at Lucky Voice HQ. It's basically April Fools' Inception. Let us begin...

April Fool's Day

Every night, we receive daily sales emails from our bars. Soho's email, sent at 3am today by the Manager on shift for that night, let us know that both Cheryl and Liam were at the bar, loving Lucky Voice. In fact, they loved it so much they've booked a slot this Saturday too! Obviously, everyone was excited and delighted that the two superstars are big karaoke fans, it's incredible news.

On the back of this cash up email, HQ decided to prank our Content Producer. As soon as she got in, everybody said that dearest Cheryl had left her handbag at the bar and Nicola had to go to Soho immediately to meet her to deliver the handbag back. Poor Nicola didn't even get a chance to sit down before she headed off to the bar to meet Cheryl, accompanied by Ollie. Once they arrived, the smartphone came out and Ollie said "what day is it Nicola?" Cheryl, obviously, had not left her handbag at the bar. You should have seen Nicola's little face, it was a picture. We'd say, close to devastated. April Foooooolllsssss!!!!

This is the moment of impact, where she fell to the floor in shame and full of April Fools' regret:

April Fool's Day

Back to the office these two go, laughing all the way at the pointless trip just for LOLS. Ollie did point out though, Cheryl did actually attend the bar last night and has booked a slot in the system on Saturday, but obviously did not leave her handbag. Let's be honest, Cheryl of all people would never leave her handbag anywhere!

As the girls walked in, the whole office had a chuckle and then normal life resumed. Cheryl's playlist was put on the speakers (we love a bit of Parachute and Fight For This Love) and everybody discussed her weekend booking. It's big news. 

But wait... more emails flooded in. A member of bar staff took to Facebook to say he couldn't believe he wasn't working on the shift Cheryl comes in, just his luck, and it gets screenshotted by HIS Manager and attached to the email to everyone at Lucky Voice with the caption "he fell for it too. Everyone in one swoop".

April Fool's Day


Is this all one huge lie? 

In all of the 'LOLS' of tricking Nicola into thinking Cheryl was coming back to pick up her bag....nobody suspected that the original 3am email was an April Fool's prank too. SUCH DECEIT! We had to email back to check that this is the case, and it was sadly confirmed. Cheryl and Liam were never ever at the bar in the first place and had also not booked a slot for Saturday. 

Now, it's not just Nicola who is devastated. The entire office is. HQ even checked the Saturday booking system and saw the slot had been closed off under Cheryl's name - that's serious dedication to the prank! It's been an April Fools within an April Fools. We're all mind blown. 

April Fool's Day

The web of lies today has made us question everything we ever believed in. Life is cruel. 

So, it seems, we accept defeat. Bars 1. HQ 0. This is not over....

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