Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale: Up to £20 off Lucky Voice Karaoke Machines

We welcome you to the madness that is Black Friday. Once purely an American tradition, it’s made waves across the ocean and hit us all with the same chaotic shopping frenzy. You need some serious stamina to survive the mammoth shopping bonanza Black Friday delivers, but luckily, we at Lucky Voice have wanted to make it pain free for you!

No shoving, no fights, no demanding the last Karaoke don’t even need to trawl through the large department stores. We’re hosting a special ‘pop-up’ shop at our Lucky Voice Soho bar on the Friday through to Monday, selling our Karaoke Kits all at £40 each, including the gold mic! Open from 8am on the Friday morning, the Black Friday sale will never seem so easy. 

Why not avoid the maddening crowds completely and shop online! There’s no need to even to remove the slippers and leave the sofa. Sale starts on Friday and ends on Monday at midnight.

What’s more, our kits make for the perfect Christmas present. Who doesn’t love singing karaoke? Inside every kit you also receive a voucher code for a month’s free singing with Lucky Voice Online Karaoke, to kick-start the vocal chords. 

Brighten up your Black Friday with our coloured mics!

Black Friday Sale: Up to £20 off Lucky Voice Karaoke Machines

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