Celebrities that love karaoke and aren't afraid to show it

It seems that even celebrities cannot resist karaoke. Can we blame them? It's so damn fun and enjoyable that everybody wants to give it a go!  Not even the man himself, Justin Bieber, can resist the urge. 

If you don't believe us, check out this new video of the superstar singing What Do You Mean with boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather in Bora Bora:

If that isn't enough evidence to convince you of the powers of karaoke, we've gathered a lovely list of all the celebrities who cannot get enough of a karaoke mic. Let us begin with the hunk, Vin Diesel. 

He may be as 'ard as nails, but he can't resist a singalong and shows off his softer side with Rihanna's Stay (yes, we were pretty shocked too):

This is a double whammy. Robert Pattinson AND Katy Perry singing karaoke together. It's a work of art in our eyes. And what song do they choose? It's only I'll Make Love To You:

Serena Williams not only loves karaoke...but she loves Disney too. Evidently. Check out her awesome rendition of Under The Sea

Adam Levine conveys his inner karaoke feelings by jumping on board and singing Let's Get It On:

Well this one is pretty damn special. Shania Twain surprises a fellow karaoke goer and joins him to sing her own tune Man, I Feel Like A Woman:

Ed Sheeran not only embraces his own song Thinking Out Loud on karaoke, he embraces his fan by joining her:

Chris Daughtry wows this very noisy crowd by singing Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive:

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