How to boss karaoke - 10 easy steps

If the word 'karaoke' fills you with dread and you avoid karaoke bars at all costs, let us change your ways. If anyone can convince you of the joys of singing, we can. Firstly, karaoke is a judge-free zone, so we expect you to hit the mic even if you're tone deaf. Secondly, if you follow our steps you'll be hailed the boss of karaoke before you know it. 

1. Choose a handful of signature tunes

You need to find a handful of songs that would fit into any karaoke event - may we suggest one slow, one classic, one crowd pleaser etc. Make these easy to sing or ones where everyone will join in, so you don't need to rely on your own voice. If you need some inspiration, read our blog Top 20 easiest karaoke songs to sing.

2. Practice different styles of singing

You might love listening to slow songs but you might not be so soothing when singing them. Have you tried another musical genre? You might be a secret rapper, or perhaps your vocal chords are more suitable for the deeper tones. Give all possible styles a go until you find your niche, then nail it. 

3. Sing at home...a lot 

Putting the kettle on? Sing. Hoovering? Sing. Soak in the bath...ohhhh you simply must sing, the acoustics sound splendid in the bathroom! When you're pottering around the house, this is the ideal time to sing until your heart's content. Practice makes perfect after all. 

4. Record and playback

The majority of smartphones these days have a voice recorder element in which you can record yourself singing along to your favourite tracks. Then, play back and have a listen! This is the easiest way to actually hear what you sound like and what everyone else hears when you sing, rather than what you *think* you sound like. Alas, it's usually very different! 

5. Learn from the experts

Nope, we're not saying you need to go get vocal coaching, but there are many online free tutorials to watch that can give you a few tips and tricks. It may help improve your singing technique to nail those karaoke tracks. 

6. Grab a mate and duet

What's the best way of disguising any bum notes? Singing with other people, that's what. Duets are double the amount of fun and you can *sort of* rely on the other person to carry you through the track. Maybe they're a great singer, or maybe they're horrendous. Who cares? We certainly don't!

7. Visit a karaoke bar for some private practice

There is no better way to get into the karaoke mood than heading to one of our bars. In a complete soundproof room, you can scream, shout and shake it all about. With over 9000 songs to choose from, it's the perfect way to master your own signature tunes. 

8. Embarrassment? No such thing

We always say, leave your ego and your embarrassment at the door. Whether you're at a home party or in a bar, you just need to embrace the mic and let the mic embrace you. 

9. Now it's a party

The best way to really enjoy karaoke is to have your own party! Get everyone to join in, take on their own signature song and laugh along with you. It will make karaoke singing so much more fun. 

10. Let go and enjoy

This is the most important part of becoming a boss at karaoke - to actually enjoy yourself. Singing along to karaoke tunes is less about the end result and more about the doing. It's fun to sing, it's fun to have a laugh and to give your favourite tunes all you have. As long as you enjoy yourself, karaoke has done its job. 

How to boss karaoke

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