How to host a banging Fireworks party

Tonight is Bonfire night, hooray! Whether you're heading out to watch fireworks or having your friends and family over, tonight will be celebrated nationwide. If you're hosting your own Fireworks party in your back garden, we have the perfect tips for you to ensure it goes off with a bang!

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are extremely dangerous and so, should only be purchased by an adult. Please read all the safety rules and regulations of each one. That being said, there are some awesome garden friendly fireworks to pick up, such as Starring or Mammoth Cone.

2. Sparklers

Sparklers are a great addition to fireworks and are much safer and cheaper too! Suitable for adults and children, they come in silver or coloured packs. We do love a coloured sparkler! Just make sure you dunk them in a bucket of cold water after they've gone out. 

3. Make your own Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes is the face of Bonfire night, it wouldn't be the same without him. Traditionally, people make Guy Fawkes' dummies to burn on the bonfire as replica of the Gunpowder plot. However if you don't plan on creating a fire, you can still create a Guy Fawkes. Mask or no mask, it will look awesome.

4. Bonfire inspired food and drink 

This is when it gets really tasty! So simple too. Create your own toffee apples, jacket potatoes in the oven or even burgers on the 'bonfire' aka the BBQ. Finish it all off with marshmallows to roast on an open fire (or BBQ) and for the adults, serve mulled cider or wine. Warm, toasty and delicious. 

5. Entertainment 

There are two easy entertainment options for your fireworks party: bobbing apples and singing! Both are great for adults and children alike, and really set the mood. Bobbing apples is super easy to do, as is setting up our Karaoke Kit. You can't deny everyone loves communal singing around a fire, so make it extra special with Lucky Voice - to help you out we've even created a Fireworks night playlist!

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