Virtual Karaoke Party: How To Sing Online With Friends

Lockdown may be over, but virtual get togethers are still popular, and what better way to connect with friends in other parts of the world  than to sing karaoke together?! Here's a step by step guide on how to sing karaoke online with friends...

First, a couple of words of warning:

  • If you're the host, you're going to have to do a fair amount of work!
  • As the host you will need two devices - a smartphone and a desktop/laptop.
  • The host will also need to download Zoom on their desktop/laptop + subscribe to our Online Karaoke Player (grab a free month's subscription to our Online Player by entering code SINGONLINE on our homepage). 
  • All other singers will need a desktop/laptop and a decent WiFi connection for the best results.
  • While this is the best method available at the moment, the sound quality is never going to be 100% so if anything short of crystal clear HD audio doesn't cut it for you, we'd suggest sticking to solo karaoke!
  • For the best possible experience grab a Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine too!

How To Sing Karaoke Online With Friends: A Step By Step Guide To Virtual Karaoke

Dancing Queen Lucky Voice Karaoke Player Online: How To Host A Virtual Karaoke Party 1

1) Launch our Online Karaoke Player on your phone. If you're using an iOS device, we'd suggest using our app. For Android users, our Web Player will do the trick. 

2) Log in to our Online Player and choose your first song.

3) Mute the phone and physically turn down the volume as well.

4) Launch Zoom on your laptop/desktop and set up a meeting where participants join automatically muted.

5) Join said meeting on your laptop/desktop and mute yourself.

6) Send a Zoom invite link to your smartphone.

N.B. Make sure you aren't logged into Zoom on your phone when following the invite link as you can't show two different screens from the same account. You want to be logged into Zoom on desktop/laptop and logged out on your phone (though you do need the App downloaded on your phone to join the meeting).

7) Join the meeting on your smartphone + share the screen from that device then return to our Online Karaoke Player. On iPhone, you'll need to select Zoom in 'Start Broadcast' when prompted:

iPhone screenshot for broadcasting karaoke on Zoom (2)

8) Play the first song on your phone as a test. If everything is coming through clear on your desktop/laptop with no feedback, settings are correct.

9) Invite all your friends to join!

If you find that the above method doesn't work due to poor internet connection, or your group of friends is just too big, you can try our below Eurovision game that has one person singing at a time.


A man holding a Swedish flag in celebration of Eurovision Song Contest

1) Everyone chooses a country to represent + a song to perform beforehand.

2) Set up the virtual karaoke party using the same process listed above.

3) Instead of all singing together, each participant takes it in turns to perform their country's song while everyone else (muted) watches*. Host is still using our Online Karaoke Player on their phone to select each song. 

4) Once the performance is over, everyone unmutes their mics and gives it a score out of 10. Take an average of all the scores and then move on to the next singer.

5) Depending on how big your group is you can include knockout rounds, finals and an overall champion!

*While watching on Zoom, you can pin the current singer's video (dance moves encouraged) so you get to watch the whole show. The singer can also see everyone else on the meeting above their main lyrics screen, so make sure to clap and whoop your encouragement even though you're muted!

Sing all these karaoke anthems from your laptop, smartphone or tablet using our online subscription service and Karaoke Kits. For a free month's trial, head to our homepage and enter code 1MONTH22

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