If famous singers were animals...

If you haven't played this game, you haven't lived. We always look at people and wonder if they were an animal, what would they be? Some people are easy to work out, others take a bit more of the ol' brain cells. 

Below are our favourite famous singers and their inner animal spirit. Enjoy.

Iggy Pop vs Sphynx Cat

This was an obvious choice and a 150% perfect match. We did a skin test and everything.

Marilyn Manson vs Panda Bear

It was tough finding a panda that looked just as scary - most of the images made us just want to go and give them a cuddle. However, the likeness is still uncanny. 

Ed Sheeran vs Highland Cow

Red head? Check. Shabby style? Check. Quiet unassuming manner? Check. 

Lady Gaga vs Afghan Hound

It's not just the long white hair...it's the face, the eyes and the demeanor. They're both so naturally fabulous and enigmatic. 

P!nk vs Flamingo

Sure, this was an easy pick. They're both bendy, slim and super cool. We want to go hang out with both. 

Beyonce vs Lion

That mane alone gets a lion worthy animal spirit - but it's not just hair attraction. They're both natural born leaders with a fierce disposition. You don't mess with either.

Seal vs Seal

Could he be anything else? We think not. 

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