If The Rock can sing Disney, so can you

When thinking of actors that would be perfect matches for Disney voice over characters, we usually lean towards the real-life Prince Charmings, such as Ben Barnes or Chris Hemsworth. Let's just swoon for a moment...

However, The Rock does NOT jump instantly to mind. So surprise comes that, not only has he bagged a role in the new Disney Moana, he also has a singing part too!

From what we can see here, we hope it fairs better than his Let It Go rendition.

If The Rock is glad he’s now a part of Disney, then you have no shame enjoying belting out the classics too. You should be proud to know Part Of Your World word for word. Or maybe you’ve perfected the opening to Circle Of Life? Disney is a karaoke staple and with our top 21 playlist, you can’t go wrong. 

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