How to Throw a Great Karaoke Party at Home

How to Throw a Great Karaoke Party at Home

Whether you’re planning a party for your six-year-old child or a little fun with your more grown-up friends, a karaoke party at home is always a great idea. Expect loud laughter, great singing, truly awful singing, and a great time had by all.

Best of all, if you’re singing at home instead of at a karaoke bar or nightclub, all your snacks are within reach. Plus, you can sing at the top of your lungs without worrying about the people around you.

So if you’d like to party it up at home with some karaoke fun, this guide is for you. We’ve put together our best tips and tricks to make sure that you have an absolute blast. Here’s what you’ll need for your karaoke party:

1. Karaoke Kit or Machine

Lucky Voice Gold Karaoke Kit
The first thing you’ll need, if possible, is a karaoke machine. Most modern karaoke machines, like ours, come equipped with songs, microphones, and everything else you might need. You could then skip most of the upcoming elements of this list and just get to the good stuff.

However, if you’re not specifically passionate about karaoke and don’t feel that you’ll use it again, it may not be worth the investment. If you live in a household with children, on the other hand, a karaoke machine is always a good choice.

2. Karaoke Subscription or App

A karaoke subscription offers excellent value for those who want to belt out great tunes. Our subscription packages include all of the ultimate karaoke classics and just about every other song you could want to sing.

With a subscription, you can also easily find a genre or song style that you feel like. So that if it’s a party for a bunch of twelve-year-old girls, you can easily find music to suit their tastes, before changing it to your own preferences for the after-party.

3. Microphones for Singing

Lucky Voice mics
It isn’t a karaoke party without a few microphones to belt into. Microphones, beyond being fun and lending a sense of legitimacy to the proceedings, amplifies your singing voice. Crucial for karaoke, wouldn’t you say?

4. Good Sound System

A good sound system is a wonderful thing to have in general life, but even more important in a home karaoke setup. Many speakers can be connected directly to a karaoke machine or subscription or app. If your home stereo system cannot be directly plugged into a machine, you should be able to enhance the audio quality through equaliser adjustments.

With a good sound system, the sounds of your singing and laughter will reverberate happily through your home. Plus, the groovy background music of the songs will make it all sounds that much better.

5. Lots of Snacks

Of course, no karaoke party is complete without a bunch of snacks on standby. Having a variety of snacks, ranging between sweet and savoury, vegan and meaty, healthy and hearty, is a great way to ensure that all your guests are satisfied and happy. It’ll also give them the energy they need to get stuck into some serious karaoke.

You’ll also want a few drink options so that a parched throat doesn’t take anyone out of the game. If it’s an adult karaoke party, a few cocktails or glasses of wine are sure to loosen up your guests a little, so can put their all into singing love songs.

6. Comfortable Space

Lastly, you’ll want a comfortable space to host your at-home karaoke party. Your guests will likely want to sprawl out when they’re not singing themselves and will want to sit around while enjoying watching their friends sing.

A lounge is an ideal spot if you have a couch or two. You can also add pillows to the floor for those without seating, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Ready for Your Home Karaoke Party?

You simply can’t beat a karaoke party at home. Armed with a karaoke set-up, snacks and drinks, you’ll be all set to host an awesome, unforgettable party with your friends. 
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