One Direction aren't splitting up, they're just on a break

It sounds like the Friends Ross and Rachel argument all over again. Are they just on a break, or, have they really split? As One Direction announces they are set to go their solo ways November onward, the global fans go into meltdown. We're all still recovering from Zayn quitting the group, so this news is hard to handle. But tissues can be kept at bay if what the band say is true - it isn't a split, just a temporary break. 

Fear not 1D fans, the band may soon be past news but they will always live on...through you and through us. Yes that's right, we're all able to keep the spirit alive by belting out the 1D classics on karaoke. Here are our top five favourites from the baby-faced stars, so grab a mic and get singing. Long live One Direction. 

What Makes You Beautiful

 Best Song Ever

You And I

Little Things

Live While We're Young

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