Top 10 celeb most shocking previous jobs

It's hard to think about our favourite popstars having a life before they were famous, but they are only human after all. They didn't wake up one day with instant success...this is far from the case. All of the beloved singers have had a childhood and a variety of jobs prior to their life in the limelight.

But who has done what? We did some digging, and discovered some rather interesting previous career paths...

1. Calvin Harris - Fish Factory

That's right, Taylor Swift's beau used to work at a fish factory in the Scottish town of Dumfries, gutting salmon to earn some money that helped him hone his DJ skills. Thank goodness for the fish, that's all we have to say.

2. Kanye West - GAP clothing store

Yep, the not-so-humble rapper has some rather humble roots, having previously admitted to working in a GAP clothing store, folding clothes during his school days. It's so nice to see he remembers where he came from *ahem*. 

3. Madonna - Dunkin' Donuts

There is someone, somewhere out there, who has been served fast food by none other than Madonna. She graced New York's Times Square, working at a Dunkin' Donuts stall to support her early singing career. That is, before she got sacked for squirting jam at a customer. Such a primadonna.

4. Bon Jovi - Janitor

Iconic rockstar started off his career as a janitor at his cousin's recording studio. This turned out to be rather lucky as he went on to record his first single in there, aged just 18.

5. Lady Gaga - Waitress

She wasn't always the kooky pop icon she is today, oh no. In fact before her stardom, she worked as a waitress at a Greek restaurant. We wonder if she was allowed to customize her own uniform?

6. Mick Jagger - Hospital Porter

The Rolling Stones are known for the rule breaking, risk taking, law-unto-their-own attitude. But that wasn't always so. Mick Jagger used to be a hospital porter in London, prior to joining the band. 

7. Ozzie Osborne - Abattoir

It may explain a few things...but Ozzie Osborne has admitted he used to work in an abattoir, gutting cow carcasses. The smell was so bad he used to vomit most days. How very grim, even for the prince of darkness.

8. Freddie Mercury - Market stall owner

Back in the good ol' summer of 1969, legendary Queen frontman opened up a market stall in Kensington market. He even had Queen's drummer Roger Taylor helping him on the stall, which sold second hand clothes and his own artwork. We're thankful he turned to music instead. 

9. Jack White - Upholsterer

Jack White, prior to owning his own record label, trained as an upholsterer apprentice and then went on to open his own shop in Detriot. His slogan was 'your furniture's not dead' which is a bit of luck as Rod Stewart may have tried to try bury it otherwise. 

10Rod Stewart - Gravedigger

Serving at Highgate Cemetery, London, Rod Stewart worked briefly as a gravedigger, marking out the grave plots. Keeping along the sinister career trend, he also worked at a funeral parlour in North Finchley. 

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