Top 10 celebrities who tried a singing career...but shouldn't have

You've heard the ol' saying - jack of all trades, master of none. Well, it does ring true in some cases - especially with celebrities who suddenly decide they can launch a completely different career because they're a celebrity. Sure, they have no vocal talent. But sure, they have the status so why not? 

Well, actually, we have a few pointers as to why not. Here's our top 10 outstanding singles from celebrities who should have stuck to the day job. 

1. Paris, we hate to admit it's a catchy tune. And yes, maybe the stars are blind. But let's hope they're also deaf too. 

2. We absolutely love this song but we can't help feel just a bit odd when we see Winslet. She's a graceful sophisticated actress, not a popstar. 

3. Eddie, we love you. You make us laugh until we cry. It's okay to just stick to that.

4. No words. We have no words.

5. Dearest Lohan and all the other celebrities, can we just say, putting distortions on your voice does not disguise the lack of talent. Nor does it make a decent song.

6. So this isn't too bad, have a mini round of applause Martine. However, it's wetter than a fish with a bladder problem.

7. You are definitely a supermodel Naomi, no-one can question that. But you're not so super at singing....

8. Just when we thought nobody could top Kim Kardashian, we unfortunately remember this train wreck from Scarlett. 

9. Tyra Banks you've got more sass in your little finger than most have in their entire body, but sass maketh a top single does not. 

10. It's not horrific Jennifer, it really isn't. But it isn't great either. 

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