Top 10 Eurovision Songs Of All Time

Eurovision is back in all its pop anthem singing, wild performance glory! As we wait to see who will take the crown in Italy later this week, here’s our top 10 songs ever to grace the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest:

Waterloo - ABBA

Perhaps the most recognisable Eurovision song ever, this debut track began a legendary career for ABBA and it’s no surprise! Waterloo embodies the upbeat fun of the contest and remains a classic pop earworm to this day.

Euphoria - Loreen

Another song that has transcended Eurovision is this dance smash hit from Loreen. Becoming a party anthem in destinations like Ibiza and reaching No.3 on the UK charts is no small feat and, when the massive chorus reaches its peak, the feeling truly is euphoric. 

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Only Teardrops - Emmelie De Forest 

Compared to a lot of what the contest has to offer, this song would be more at home on the pop charts than the Eurovision stage. With not an ounce of cheese in sight, this ballad-style beauty reminds of some of Sia’s best work! Yes, that is strong praise - but we stand by it.

Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

The best Bond theme song in some time that unfortunately wasn’t a Bond theme song, Rise Like a Phoenix is orchestral, captivating and probably the hardest to sing on this list. Surely that counts for something, right?

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Save Your Kisses For Me - Brotherhood of Man

Let’s just ignore the choreography for a minute (if you haven’t seen it we implore you to head to YouTube and have a chuckle). There is something very musical-inspired about the harmonies of this song that are sure to make you feel nice and warm inside. Sometimes simple is better!

Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi  

Credit where credit is due - this song is definitely memorable. Most Eurovision songs tend to be of a similar musical influence - which is to say, not heavy-metal. But as a nice change of pace and genuinely a well put-together song, welcome to the list Lordi. 

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Heroes - Mans Zelmerlow

Although this song won the contest in 2015, it reminds of X Factor winners’ songs from the 2010’s. Cheesy and optimistic but not to the point of annoyance, Heroes hits all the right notes.

Love Shine a Light - Katrina And The Waves

Marking the first time the UK had won the contest since 1981, and 12 years since Walking On Sunshine, Love Shine a Light was a surprise - but a pleasant surprise as it turned out. Inspirational, epic and sounding a tad like Take That’s Never Forget, it has all the ingredients for a great Eurovision song. 

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Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

Charming spoken sections burst into an unexpectedly powerful and catchy chorus in this uptempo song from Norway’s best. Not to mention the recurring violin solos that capture the frantic pace of this track perfectly. 

Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz 

In truth, we weren’t sure what to put as the final song on this list. But then we recalled the famous words - “trust your inner vision, don’t let others change your mind.” Not sure where those words originated from … but here’s Making Your Mind Up in our tenth spot!

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