Top 10 things to do at home in November lockdown

Yes lockdown isn’t a word that fills anyone with joy but we’ve put together a list of activities that’ll keep you and your household happy as larry until December and beyond:

1) Sing at home using Lucky Voice Online Karaoke

Where else to start? With over 10,000 karaoke songs to choose from there is no better way to spend your November. Singing is the perfect activity to enjoy with friends and family or even on your tod, perfecting your signature tune. Sign up for a free month that covers the whole of lockdown, just head to the Lucky Voice website and use code - LOCKIN or shop now for your Home Karaoke Machine.

2) Quiz time

After a much needed break from quizzing, we all need this back in our life. Here’s one to start you off. How old is Celine Dion? a) 52 b) 62 c) 72 

3) Boxsets

If you’ve never seen any of these crackers, your lockdown is more than sorted:
Line of Duty, Broadchurch, Save Me, Succession, The Last Dance. If you’ve seen all of those, don’t fret, just go back and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm from Series 1. Now, if you’ve never seen Curb, you are in for an absolute treat. 

4) I’m A Celeb / Strictly

With the likes of X Factor and Big Brother falling by the wayside, these two Reality TV heavyweights are back again this year. Ant and Dec have swapped the jungle for the Welsh countryside and Bill Bailey is ripping up the dancefloor on his way to inevitable victory in Strickers. 

5) Make fun December plans

With the end of lockdown getting ever closer, let’s make this December the best ever! No excuse not to make plans you’ve been meaning to plan or see those people you’ve been meaning to see. We obviously suggest catching up with friends and family over a few cocktails and a good old fashioned singsong at Lucky Voice.

6) Baking

Yup, it’s back to the banana bread and sourdough times of the spring. If you missed the baking boat last lockdown, this is your chance. Take hold of your inner Mary Berry and get baking! 

7) Xmas shopping

We’ll make Christmas shopping easier for you this year. What present is perfect for all ages and is on everyone’s list this year. Click on this link to find out what on earth we’re talking about….

8) Make 2021 holiday plans

Almost the best part of a holiday is the excitement of the build up. Obviously the worst part is it being cancelled (damn you 2020) but that’s not going to happen next year, so get planning and revel in the fact that you will be going on holiday in 2021 and it’s going to be one of the greats.

9) Yoga

One of the best ways to stay in shape over the next month is a bit of daily yoga. This talented yoga-man kept us all going over the spring, loads of great vids and online classes to choose from -

10) Photos

So many photos on your phone and none in actual albums. It’s time to put that right. Step back into the 90s and start putting together photo albums that your future self will be so grateful for. Trust us, it’ll be worth it. 

* The lovely Celine’s just 52! Her heart will literally go on forever, as we thought she was about 52 when she sang that song in 1997. People almost always go for 62 here, so congrats if you got it right!

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