Top 10 Valentines Karaoke Songs

Love is in the air - either that or someone forgot to clear the fridge out.

With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought it would make sense to assemble a list of ten essential love songs. Love doesn't stop at couples eating extortionately priced pasta on a cute date though, as we've included some self-love anthems and songs that highlight the love between friends and family too.

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1) Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

Sometimes you've gotta love 'em and leave 'em. At least that's the sentiment of this catchy number from Ariana Grande. Alas, we all wish we could be as mature and positive as this looking back on past relationships but at least by singing the hook to this song you can channel that glorious energy - if only for a moment...

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2) Let Me Love You - Mario

The writer of this blog post will try to remain unbiased despite this being their go-to karaoke song. With that said, this is undoubtedly the greatest song, love or otherwise, that has ever been. The chorus is infectious, memorable and puts into simple terms how we've felt about someone special. Karaoke gold.

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3) Anytime - Brian McKnight

While being in love can be great, it can also be filled with uncertainty and painful longing. My editor has just told me to keep it light. Brian McKnight has a number of phenomenal ballads but this one just clinches it - mainly because it's one of the easier ones to sing. We're not ashamed to admit that's a factor!

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4) Mama - Spice Girls

This particular love song focuses on the most important woman in most of our lives - good ol' mum. Half apology, half comforting hug - the Spice Girls do a great job at summarising how we may have taken our mums for granted when we were younger. Sing this song and remind yourself of who's important :)

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5) You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

From family to friends, we're really covering all bases with this love thing. A heart-warming reminder to all our besties that while the world can be a bit mean, we'll be there through it all, this James Taylor rendition hits all the right emotional notes. Are you crying? Because we're definitely not...

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6) My Boo - Usher and Alicia Keys

What's better than a short-lived love? One that lasts forever of course. This R&B classic is perfect for a duet, so pick someone you can really get into it with. We're not saying it has to be your "boo" but that would be preferable.

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7) Born This Way - Lady Gaga

When it comes to love, please don't forget Number 1! It's fine to shout about how great you are, and Lady Gaga agrees. It's always difficult to pick from all the great Lady Gaga songs but this snappy track hits just the right spot when it comes to self-love.

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8) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

Unfortunately we missed this one off of our "New Year, New Me" top 10, but it makes the cut here for being unapologetic about how happiness is more important than being with someone. You couldn't escape this song when it came out and thanks to top 10 lists you can't escape it now either.

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9) Nice & Slow - Usher

Good on Usher for making this list twice but he is quite the expert at love songs. And if everyone doesn't synchronously shout the first line at full volume then I recommend finding some new people to karaoke with. Sorry! That potential disappointment aside, this song is great fun and isn't too strenuous either.

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10) Hate That I Love You - Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo

Well this is a confusing one...either that or it attempts to showcase the duality of human relationships. We'll just say it's confusing. Both Rihanna and Ne-Yo are sublime on this track and the verse is a great opportunity to belt out harmonies with someone else.

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