Top 5 Hardest Songs To Sing (Halloween Edition)

Karaoke virgins will want to stay away from these tunes. If you think you're a pro, see if you can master these. A list to attempt either when you've had a few drinks, or if you're truly an unstoppable legend who eats songs like these for breakfast.

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson

A full moon transformation, a casual walk in the graveyard and a choreographed zombie moonwalk - Thriller is the epitome of Halloween. Michael Jackson's iconic vocals easily make this one of the most challenging tracks to master. When we try to reach those 'woos' and high notes, we sound like a strangled cat rather than a Smooth Criminal.  However, there's no doubt we'll be busting out this out on Halloween - just bring your ear plugs. No seriously, you're going to need them.

2. Music Of The Night - Phantom Of The Opera

Ok, confession time. This is a song I attempt at home when I'm pretending to be a world-class opera singer. (I know some of you will be able to relate to this.) The last time I tried to reach those high octaves, I had to replace all of our broken wine glasses and apologise to some very disgruntled housemates. It can end up being a very expensive habit so sopranos, you have my respect and admiration. For those who feel my pain, you'll appreciate this cover from Nicole Scherzinger at the Royal Variety Show. Her and the other singers nailed it. Fun fact, Nicole was classically trained before her Pussycat Dolls days, which explains why she has no problems breezing through this track. I bet her champagne flutes are all intact.

3. Zombie - The Cranberries

If you've ever tried to cover this song, you'll be able to relate to this hilariously embarrassing advert from Renault. The man in the Clio is having a whale of a time "singing" Zombie much to the annoyance of his neighbour in the next lane - the same guy who ends up being his girlfriend's father that he was merrily driving to meet. I mean, you've got to give him bonus points for trying.

Don't let the easy beats and slow guitar at the start fool you, this is near impossible to sing in tune. According to, it has a tempo of 84 beats per minute and is set to the key of E Minor. Crikey. The Cranberries have unique vocals that us common folk just can't replicate. Couple that with a chorus that flits from yodel to lilting mezzo-soprano and you've gotten us sweating buckets.

4. Highway To Hell - AC/DC

Ah, the classic tune that's always busted out on those rock 'n' roll days. However, this is deceptively difficult and notoriously hard to sing. It doesn't stop us from putting it on though, it's a rite of passage for all karaoke lovers, right? The raspy vocals brings a whole new meaning to Highway to Hell, and has us hankering for some honey and lemon by the time we reach the second verse. One to roar and jump around to when you're in a big group - or after a very strong drink.

5. Superstition - Stevie Wonder

This may cause divided opinions as to why we've put this on the list. In theory, this is a song most people could wing and stumble through - stumble being the key word here. Aside from the words 'very superstitious', how many of us actually know the rest of the lyrics to this song? There's also a sneaky 'high' bit at the end that'll surprise any low to mid-range vocals.  A Halloween favourite and one that'll fit in nicely when you're starting to slur after one too many Bloody Marys. 

If that was a walk in the park, we reckon you're ready to boss it in public. If not, here's a spooky playlist that will be haunting you until you master it in time for Halloween... Songs like these are perfect to mask those blood-curdlin' screams. Call it a banshee having a whiny day, or a ghoul with a wailing pet cat. If anybody doubts it, direct them to this post. Dracula himself would have trouble with the vocal frequencies of these tunes.

Happy singing!

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